Our NEW Mosquito Control Technology - In2Care Mosquito Station Trap

What is In2Care Mosquito Trap Station?

The In2Care mosquito station is a mosquito control tool that is designed to target and control mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes mosquitoes which are known to transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.


How does it work?

The In2Care mosquito station is a container that is placed in outdoor areas where mosquitoes are present, such as residential yards, gardens, or public spaces. The station is made up of two main components: the mosquito attractant and the mosquito control agent.

in2Care Mosquito Trap Information

Attractant & Control Agent


Unlike most mosquito trappings, In2Care attracts, traps, and then kills mosquitos through a Mosquito Attractant and Mosquito Control Agent. 

The Mosquito Attractant: The station contains a specially formulated mosquito attractant that lures female Aedes mosquitoes seeking a breeding site. The attractant mimics the scent of natural breeding sites, such as stagnant water, and draws female mosquitoes towards the station.

The Mosquito Control Agent: Inside the station, there are treated gauze strips that are coated with a slow-acting larvicide called Pyriproxyfen. Female mosquitoes that enter the station and come into contact with the gauze strips will pick up the larvicide on their legs and bodies. When the mosquitoes then fly away and land on other breeding sites, such as standing water sources, they will transfer the larvicide to those sites, effectively killing mosquito larvae and pupae in the water.


Enviromentally Friendly Mosquito Control

The In2Care mosquito station is designed to be environmentally friendly and target mosquitoes in their early life stages, before they can mature and become disease-transmitting adults. It is considered a complementary tool in integrated mosquito control strategies, alongside other methods such as source reduction, insecticide-treated nets, and insecticide spraying, depending on the local context and mosquito species targeted.