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Escape the torment of relentless pests with Green T Lawn Care's professional perimeter pest control. No more sleepless nights or wasted money on ineffective products. Reclaim your sanctuary and enjoy a pest-free lawn. Say goodbye to the invaders and hello to peace of mind.

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Why would you need lawn pest treatment?

Perimeter pest control southern Maryland is the ultimate defense against unwanted critters invading your property. By focusing on the outside of your building or home, this approach combines inspections, treatments, and preventive measures to keep destructive pests at bay. By tackling pests at the perimeter, you can halt their entry before they even set foot inside. This comprehensive method eradicates existing infestations and safeguards your property from future damage, ensuring peace of mind and a pest-free environment.

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Trusted by 100+ homeowners in Maryland

Theresa Moser
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I had Green T Lawn Care treat my lawn for 2 years and then stopped last year to save money - not because their service was expensive but just had other needs to focus on that year. My yard looked terrible for the year I stopped their services. I just started using them again and it already looks 1000 times better like it used to. The techs are professional and give great explanation to any questions I have. I will never cancel
Larry Laskin
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What a great company! My lawn wasn't looking too good last year. I tried TruGreen with not very good results. I saw the reviews for Green T Lawn Care and decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did! My yard hasn't looked this good in many years. They take their time and do a great job making sure your entire yard is treated. I highly recommend them!
Pat Mullican
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Fabulous service! Joe and John make a great team. I like that they shared what they were doing, how it was going to be applied, the instructions to follow to get the best results. I appreciate their knowledge and skills. They went above and beyond to accommodate the client. Thank you for the great service. Highly recommend them for a beautiful lawn done the right way 🙂
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What's included in our lawn and bug service in Maryland

Here’s how our process works: First, you’ll have a friendly chat with one of our knowledgeable Green T Lawn care specialists. They’ll take the time to understand your specific pest control needs and concerns. Once we have a clear picture of your situation, we’ll assign a dedicated technician who will be fully briefed on your current perimeter pest control plan.

Our perimeter pest control program consists of six applications, strategically spaced 35 days apart. Why six applications? Well, consistency is key when it comes to effectively managing pests. Our integrated pest management approach not only targets and eliminates existing pests but also creates a protective barrier that prevents new ones from invading your sanctuary.

Lawn pests that we help you get rid of...

Get rid of Earwigs

First and foremost, earwigs are notorious for their insatiable appetite for plant matter. They have a particular fondness for devouring the tender leaves and shoots of grass, flowers, and even vegetables. This means that if left unchecked, they can turn your once lush and vibrant lawn into a patchy, sad-looking sight.

Get rid of Chiggers

Chiggers can wreak havoc on your beloved lawn. As they feed on the fluids from plant tissues, they create small, reddish welts, resembling miniature volcanoes, that can quickly multiply and spread across your once healthy turf. Not only do these unsightly blemishes mar the beauty of your lawn, but they also weaken the grass, leaving it vulnerable to further damage from other pests or environmental stresses.

Get rid of Silverfish

Silverfish love to feast on your lawn's precious greenery. They munch on grass blades, leaving behind unsightly patches of brown and dead areas. Your once lush and vibrant lawn can quickly turn into a sad, lackluster sight, courtesy of these tiny lawn invaders. But it doesn't stop there. Silverfish are not only voracious eaters but also prolific breeders. They reproduce rapidly, creating a population explosion in no time. And as their numbers grow, so does the damage they inflict on your lawn. The more silverfish you have, the faster your grass will disappear, leaving you with a barren landscape.

Get rid of Centipedes

These little hunters feed on other insects, and unfortunately, some of those insects may be beneficial to your lawn's health. For instance, earthworms, which contribute to soil aeration and nutrient cycling, fall prey to centipedes. So, an unchecked centipede population can disrupt the delicate balance of your lawn's ecosystem. But it doesn't stop there. Centipedes are also known to have a taste for other small organisms like spiders, ants, and even tiny worms that aid in breaking down thatch. By preying on these helpers, centipedes can impede the natural processes that keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Why we treat your lawn for pests every 35 days?

First and foremost, our 35-day treatment frequency ensures that any existing infestations are thoroughly eliminated. We believe in tackling the root of the problem head-on, eradicating those creepy crawlies that have taken up residence in your lawn. By treating your lawn regularly, we can stay one step ahead of the pests and prevent new ones from making their way into your green oasis.

In addition to eliminating existing infestations, our treatments are designed to be proactive. We apply insecticides and baits that not only address the current pest situation but also act as a protective shield against future invasions. This proactive approach ensures that our treatments remain effective, keeping pests at bay and preventing them from returning to your lawn.

Furthermore, our periodic inspections play a vital role in maintaining a pest-free environment. Our trained technicians conduct thorough inspections during each visit, allowing them to detect any early signs of pest activity around your home. This early detection is crucial because it gives us the opportunity to address any problems swiftly before they escalate into more severe infestations. By staying vigilant and proactive, we can nip pest issues in the bud and protect your lawn from further damage.

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