Tree & Shrub Care in Frederick, MD

Are you tired of watching your precious trees and shrubs wither away due to neglect or inadequate care? Our highly-skilled technicians are dedicated to providing your landscape with the utmost care and attention it deserves, using only the most effective and eco-friendly organic methods to fertilize, protect, and enhance the health of your trees and shrubs. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

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About our tree & shrub care in Frederick, MD

Our six targeted applications utilize a proven method that includes three powerful disease and insect treatments, two potent root growth fertilizers, and a horticulture oils application that promotes vibrant, healthy foliage. Say goodbye to unsightly brown spots and pesky pests, and hello to lush, flourishing greenery that enriches your life and adds value to your property. Read below for more information or feel free to call or message us with any questions. 


Trusted by 100+ homeowners in Maryland

Theresa Moser
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I had Green T Lawn Care treat my lawn for 2 years and then stopped last year to save money - not because their service was expensive but just had other needs to focus on that year. My yard looked terrible for the year I stopped their services. I just started using them again and it already looks 1000 times better like it used to. The techs are professional and give great explanation to any questions I have. I will never cancel
Larry Laskin
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What a great company! My lawn wasn't looking too good last year. I tried TruGreen with not very good results. I saw the reviews for Green T Lawn Care and decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did! My yard hasn't looked this good in many years. They take their time and do a great job making sure your entire yard is treated. I highly recommend them!
Pat Mullican
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Fabulous service! Joe and John make a great team. I like that they shared what they were doing, how it was going to be applied, the instructions to follow to get the best results. I appreciate their knowledge and skills. They went above and beyond to accommodate the client. Thank you for the great service. Highly recommend them for a beautiful lawn done the right way 🙂

6 ways we revitalize your trees and shrubs

We provide targeted treatments that prevent diseases caused by fungi and insects while also mitigating stress and damage caused by environmental changes. 

1. Spring Fertilization

Our organically-based fertilizer strengthens microbial activity, root development, and flowering potential. Green T’s tree and shrub care specialists in Frederick MD are highly trained, producing quality results by applying this initial feeding to powerfully boost the health and vigor of the plants while effectively using less fertilizer.

2. Disease & Insect Protection: Prevent Damage

Young leaves are prone to hazardous damage mid-spring caused by mites, insects, and infectious diseases. This first disease and insect application shields plants during this time of year, when insects are hatching, feeding, and reproducing, and the climate is a breeding ground for disease.

3. Disease & Insect Protection: Stop Recurrent Pests

Early summer, pests that continue to reproduce throughout the season are a threat to the health and vigor of your yard. This second disease and insect application sustains the ongoing protection with tree and shrub treatment.

4. Disease & Insect Protection: Shield Late-Season Pests

Recurring pests emerge later in the summer season. This final disease and insect application safeguards plants from further damage to yield a beautiful and healthy landscape.

5. Fall Fertilization

Early fall, trees and shrubs need to recover from the stress of summer and prepare to endure the winter season. Our fertilizer, organically based and safe for pets and children, takes care of these needs for the plants while enhancing their root growth and overall health.

6. Horticulture Oils

Plants will need protection in the fall from winter pest damage and insects. This application does just that by applying horticultural oils to dormant plants and ornamentals and reducing the population of certain insects and mites.