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Embark on a journey to a grub-free lawn with our professional grub control services. No more distress over brown patches or wasted money on ineffective treatments. Reclaim your green haven, and enjoy a lawn free of pesky grubs. Wave goodbye to these underground invaders and embrace a healthy, lush lawn​.

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Why would you need grub control services?

Grubs, the villainous larvae of beetles, have a nasty habit of turning your beautiful green carpet into a patchy brown eyesore. They nibble on the roots of your grass, leaving behind scenes of devastation that even the bravest of lawn lovers dread. But fear not, we’re here to help! Our grub control company in Frederick, MD has helped over 100 homeowners reclaim their lawns from these subterranean saboteurs. Our professional lawn care services are a fortress against grub infestations, protecting your lawn from these hungry pests and ensuring a healthy lawn all season long.


Why trust Green T Lawn Care for your grub control needs?

Theresa Moser
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I had Green T Lawn Care treat my lawn for 2 years and then stopped last year to save money - not because their service was expensive but just had other needs to focus on that year. My yard looked terrible for the year I stopped their services. I just started using them again and it already looks 1000 times better like it used to. The techs are professional and give great explanation to any questions I have. I will never cancel
Larry Laskin
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What a great company! My lawn wasn't looking too good last year. I tried TruGreen with not very good results. I saw the reviews for Green T Lawn Care and decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did! My yard hasn't looked this good in many years. They take their time and do a great job making sure your entire yard is treated. I highly recommend them!
Pat Mullican
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Fabulous service! Joe and John make a great team. I like that they shared what they were doing, how it was going to be applied, the instructions to follow to get the best results. I appreciate their knowledge and skills. They went above and beyond to accommodate the client. Thank you for the great service. Highly recommend them for a beautiful lawn done the right way 🙂

When is grub control services necessary?

The life cycle of grubs can make them tricky pests to control. Adult beetles lay eggs in the summer, and the grubs are most active—and damaging—during late summer or early fall. Most lawns can tolerate a small population of grubs, but when the grubs get too numerous, it’s time to take action.


What does grub damage look like?

The symptoms of a grub infestation can be subtle at first. You may notice your lawn looking thirsty, despite plenty of water and care. Your once-firm turf might feel spongy, or you might see irregular patches of dead grass. Don’t let these early warning signs go unnoticed! Left unchecked, grubs can turn your lush lawn into a sad-looking sight, and the cost of repairing this damage can be hefty.

We combat all kinds of lawn grubs:

White grubs

White grubs can cause significant damage to your lawn by munching on the roots of your grass. These grubs, which are the larvae stage of different types of beetles like Japanese beetles or June bugs, can turn your lush, green lawn into a sad, patchy sight.

Lawn grubs

Lawn grubs, in general, are a common lawn pest. They feed on the roots of your grass, creating brown patches that spread across your once healthy turf. Not only do these patches damage your lawn's beauty, but they also weaken the grass, leaving it open to more damage from other pests or environmental stresses.

Grub worms

Grub worms are especially dangerous. They reproduce rapidly, leading to a grub problem that can quickly get out of hand. The more grub worms you have, the faster your grass will disappear, leaving you with a barren landscape.

Our process

Our process starts with a friendly chat with one of our knowledgeable Green T Lawn care specialists. They will understand your grub control needs and concerns. Once we have a clear picture of your situation, we assign a dedicated technician who will be briefed on your current grub control plan.

Our grub control program consists of six applications, spaced 35 days apart. Consistency is the key to managing grubs effectively. Our approach not only targets and gets rid of existing grubs but also forms a protective shield to prevent new ones from marching onto your lawn.


35-day grub control treatment frequency

Our grub control treatment frequency ensures that any existing grub infestations are completely eliminated. We attack the problem at its root, getting rid of those grubs that have made a home in your lawn. By treating your lawn regularly, we can stay one step ahead of the grubs and prevent new ones from moving in.

We don’t just eliminate existing infestations. Our grub control treatments are proactive. We apply treatments that not only deal with the current grub situation but also serve as a protective shield against future invasions. This forward-thinking approach ensures that our treatments keep working, keeping grubs at bay and stopping them from returning to your lawn.